Branding Financial Solutions

We are renewing our corporate image and with it, not only we wish to highlight our evolution, experience, and appearance, but also we are consolidating our presence.

In 2013 we started operating as a Cloud Native enterprise and from our early start, we have adapted to the current market environment taking full advantage of the flexible and scalable nature of the cloud. We have supported enterprises/companies throughout the years by creating high-impact solutions, with global architectures, administered by specialists, this has turned into optimization and cost savings, improving both the profitability and return, without losing sight of data security and control.

Today we have leaped forward by creating a new visual identity that merges with the Cloudgenia enterprises coexisting more harmonically with each other and strengthens the solutions and services we offer to our clients.

Recent changes mark a more modern design and colors clearly represent a technological and financial focus on which we have specialized, because of that, now, Cloudgenia together with the other group enterprises gives solutions and services to other sectors of the industry.

With this change Financial Solutions seeks to create digital experiences offering digital transformation services focused on the business, with agile processes, scalable and profitable, quickly adapting ourselves to the current market changes.

We have launched the redesign of our logo, new colors, and font type indicating trust, quality and security of the brand through each design element, as it is a core aspect to communicate who we are and what our brand values are.

Rebranding Financial
Rebranding Financial Solutions

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