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Streamlines processes so you can operate a modern law firm, manage deadline-driven work seamlessly and offer your clients an exceptional client experience

The revolution of the law firm

High Q

High Q is a simple, flexible, and secure solution designed for legal professionals.

It simplifies the way you work by bringing everything your firm needs to boost productivity into one place.

This digital solution allows your business to operate intelligently, tracking performance like never before.

Improve visibility into your organization’s management and generate detailed progress reports while engaging your clients. Simultaneously, the tool stores data in the cloud with security certifications that meet the highest market standards and requirements.

higsolución sencilla, flexible y segura

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Intelligent solution where you can increase your productivity, collaborate seamlessly with others

Efficient integration

We use the latest methods of integration with other leading technologies to help you maximize the value of your investments.

Mobile use

Developed to meet business agility, it allows your team to work together efficiently around the clock.

Cloud insurance

The world's largest law firms rely on the highly secure platform to protect valuable data and exchange confidential information.

User-friendly design

It combines simplicity and user-level concepts with enterprise-level resources to create a superior experience for you and your customers.

Learn how Financial Solutions and Thomson Reuters can help you boost your productivity with the High Q Platform.

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 Legal resource platform

Practical Law

It's an online legal resource platform that offers a variety of tools, documents, and legal guidance for legal professionals and businesses. It saves time, improves efficiency, and assists in making informed legal decisions.

  • Access to Reliable Legal Documentation
  • Save Time, quickly access ready-to-use documents, forms, and templates
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Practical Guidance on a Wide Range of Legal Topics
 Legal resource platform

Más beneficios

  • Advanced Search Tools
  • Multidisciplinary Resources, covering diverse areas of law
  • Assists in legal project management and team collaboration by providing management tools and resources
  • Training and Professional Development
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Cost savings with document creation and legal research
  • Data Security
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