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Welcome to the Soluciones Financieras LTS, S.C web page, henceforth Soluciones Financieras. In this excerpt we shall explain to you what is our PRIVACY POLICY AND THE MATTERS OF PERSONAL DATA SECURITY; moreover, we are letting you know about your rights and we are detailing the security measures we apply to the data you deliver to us from your visits to our web page or as a result of hiring our products or services, or in any other rightful way. Any changes to our policy will be communicated promptly and the updates will be published on our web page.

Who is accountable for your data handling?

The accountability of your personal data handling relies upon: SOLUCIONES FINANCIERAS LTS, S.C.

Business address: 221 Paseo del Moral Avenue. Colonia Jardines del Moral. Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. Zip Code 37160.
Phone: 477 299 1021


Contact info
Soluciones Financieras offers you several contact channels related to the inquiries you were interested in performing regarding privacy matters.

Likewise, you will be able to contact us on the phone or through the web on its “Contact” section according to your preferences.

What are our principles when handling personal data?
Respect to/To RESPECT your privacy is paramount for Soluciones Financieras, therefore, we want to let you know with all transparency about the handling we could give to your personal data so that you may take action or make a decision about it. Thus we ask you to invest a few minutes to read this privacy policy.

The main objective of our privacy policy is to ensure the thorough fulfillment of the current norm in data and privacy protection, and the security at handling your personal information.

When handling your personal data given by you, Soluciones Financieras is inspired, among others, in the principles of transparency, legality, proactive responsibility, data minimization, pseudonymization and elimination.

What is the purpose of your data handling?

Soluciones Financieras will use your personal data to fulfill the following aim:

Treat your data according to the consent you have given us in those cases where SOLUCIONES FINANCIERAS LTC, S.C is not based on other legal aspects. Such as sending third-party entities publicity that Soluciones Financieras has commercial agreements, treat your navigation data, commercial billing, or using anonymous information and also, generated using your information with the purposes of big data information analysis. All in all, you will always be able to opt-out of the consent you have given us.

Using our enterprise’s services or products, to celebrate agreements and their further application. The handling of this data may vary in regards to the service or product we are using at the time. This allows us to offer you the best service you have requested and also to offer you communication regarding them or your commercial interest as a result of your visit to our web page.

We need to perform data or credit check-ups to allow the hiring of our services or products or to perform debt recovery actions in case of payment issues.

To satisfy the legal commercial interest of Soluciones Financieras, for example, fraud prevention, services and our network security maintenance, sending commercial communication about our products or services and the improvement of our services, being able to draw profiles to such aim. In these cases, we always evaluate our customer’s commercial interests to ensure they do not collide with your rights. Furthermore. In some cases, you have the right to go against these handlings. To fulfill the legal obligation, for example, to comply with our tax and fiscal obligations, or to retain your traffic data to comply with the current legislation in data conservation matters, among others.

Marketing and profile generation
In case you are one of our customers, Soluciones Financieras has the rightful interest to keep you informed about the new products and services. We adapt these messages to the types of products or services you have hired.

We will send you informative bulletins, invite you to be a part of a survey, or to let you know about a price draw, when applicable.

We will personalize even more of these messages, utilizing the information related to the usage of the services you have expressly authorized to do it so.

Online publicity

In order to provide you with commercial information relevant to you, you will be able to see aimed publicity online based on the usage of cookies. This may occur in our webpage, other web pages of companies from the Soluciones Financieras cluster and other online communication channels such as social networks. We can also combine the gathered data through cookies with the other data we have compiled previously.

How long do we keep your data?

Data given to us will be kept as long as you don’t request to eliminate your record. Every commercial communication includes the possibility of leaving the file created by Soluciones Financieras. If you execute the “opt-out” option your data will be canceled from the archive created by our general communications.

As a general rule, your data will be kept encrypted and protected for the time the law so determines, for as long as you remain a customer of Soluciones Financieras as a minimum, and for 6 years after you stop being our customer.

What is the legitimacy of your data handling?

You register yourself in our systems to ask for information about a specific product or service or to hire it or to use it.

You buy or use any of our product or services;

You subscribe to receive bulletins, alerts, or other services;

You get in touch with us through our channels;

You participate in a prize draw, contest or survey;

You visit or browse in our web page or other web pages from the Soluciones Financieras cluster;

You have permitted other third parties companies, such as our collaborators or providers to share information with us;

When your information is publicly available and its usage is legally allowed; Or because you are a customer or entity we have acquired.

Gathered Information:

The information Soluciones Financieras gathers up once you have presented consent and you have agreed to specific aims for it this might be referred to:

Your name, address, landline or mobile phone number and email address;

The information gathered from a contact you had with us and there is a recording on that phone call made to one of our call centers, if you use a live chat for issues resolution, if you send an email or a letter, or any other contact registration with us;

Your customers account information, such as delinquent bills due dates, or received, sign up or cancel dates, enrollments to services you might use, credentials information such as access passwords and user names to access our accounts or services;

Your specific preferences for products, services, and lifestyle activities in case you let us know.

Your browsing history. If you have permitted it, Soluciones Financieras compiles the web page categories you have browsed, your mobile, gadget, or PC, We use this information to send you personalized commercial communications or to show you personalized publicity if you have given us your consent.

The information is gotten from other sources, such as credit agencies, fraud prevention agencies and other data providers. This includes demographics data, data based on your interest and online browsing behavior. We will not gather nor treat underage information, nor information that could be cataloged as sensitive like: health, sexual orientation, union affiliation, religion, or race.

Whom will your data be communicated to?

Personal data which handling you provided us permission with, will be transmitted to the following entities:

Companies from the Soluciones Financieras cluster, mainly as an internal report;

Providers involved with the product and services distribution you have requested or used;

Companies hired by Soluciones Financieras or working with them to provide services.

Third-party entities where this type of disclosure is mandatory to comply with the law and other legal proceedings.

When purchasing a third-party service or product through Soluciones Financieras, the contract is performed with the third party selling that product or service.

Soluciones Financieras will provide certain personal data to the third-party company to complete the purchase with them. Terms and agreements from the seller, such as their privacy policies and cookies will be applicable for your personal data information handling.

What are your rights when proving us with your data?

You have the right to access your personal data, as well as to request the correction of inaccurate data or, given the case, to request to eliminate them. In some circumstances, you will be able to request a limit on your data handling, in which case we will only keep them as a backup when claims are made.

At the same time, for reasons related to your situation, you may object to the handling of your data. Soluciones Financieras will stop handling the data, unless lawful and mandatory situations occur, or to clear out a situation when claims are made.

You have the right to the portability of your personal data.

The exercise of the previously quoted rights must be stated by a notice sent to the responsible of information management to:  –

In this request you must attach a copy of your INE (Official ID) or valid passport to verify your identity and that you are the owner of the data. Soluciones Financieras will reply within a month unless due to complexity factors or volume of requests received is necessary to elongate the answering time up to a maximum of two more months, in which case you shall be told the reason for this time extension within the following 30 days after your request to execute your rights.

Furthermore, you have the right to present a claim to the control authority if you feel like the data handling is going against to the established norm.

Is my personal data safe?
Is my data safe?
In order to/TO safeguard your data security, we want to let you know ha have adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of the data provided to us from disruption, loss, unauthorized usage, unauthorized spreading and access or handling, having in mind the inner risks when handling this sort of data, just like the personal data protection norm demands it. We want to inform you our service providers, as entities in charge of handling data have also adopted reasonable and adequate measures in the same regard to providing efficient personal data protection.

International data transfer.

We might need to transfer your information to other companies of the Soluciones Financieras or different service providers.

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