Cloudgenia, A group of companies committed to innovate by developing products, services and solutions through technology.

In 2018 Cloudgenia is born. A company created and originated in the cloud, looking to expand Financial Solutions’ service to different industries and to face the different innovation and technological challenges, seeking creative and strategic solutions.

As part of our goals, we help our clients to innovate and reach their business’ targets, developing initiatives based on cutting-edge technologies building up teams with their partners and clients.

Cloudgenia is formed by 3 specialized companies and together they offer an integral solution to our customer’s needs, they have presence in the USA, Mexico, and Argentina, allowing the company to grow, expanding its services and to grow strong as a group.

Recently the launch of the enterprise as a Holding in the USA has been defined, a strategic step that will provide more projection to the company and will boost new projects to benefit other sectors and more enterprises.

The group is formed by:

Financial Solutions

We help companies in their challenges by creating business-focused digital experiences through cutting-edge technologies, with agile and scalable processes.

Capibara Labs

We are a team of passionate creatives with different talents and skills who seek to be at the forefront, developing integral strategies to create end-to-end products that meet the high standards of our customers.

Kera capital

Firm specialized in promoting technology startups that need to shape and grow their business. We value the work that implicates developing ideas, and we work together with them to develop great companies.

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